Sunday, April 09, 2006

Enrichment & Processing

What’s Driving Prices Higher
April 2006

PRWEB (COLORADO)-- As global interest in nuclear power continues to peak, increased demand for nuclear fuel is triggering higher uranium and enrichment prices. TradeTech’s uranium spot price climbed to $41 this month, while the long-term price for uranium enrichment rose for the third consecutive month to $122 per Separative Work Unit (SWU) a sharp contrast to last year when enrichment prices remained flat at $113 per SWU. The price of uranium, used to fuel nuclear power plants that generate about 16 percent of the world's electricity, has increased significantly in the past year due to demand from nuclear utilities that rose faster than mine production and drew down stockpiles. Similar to the uranium market, enrichment prices are experiencing upward pressure due to strong demand from the nuclear energy industry. On a worldwide basis, total uranium enrichment requirements increase gradually through 2015 to about 55 million SWU per year by the end of the period, according to TradeTech’s "Uranium and Enrichment Industry 2006 Market Report." “Unfilled uranium enrichment requirements increase in an almost linear fashion throughout the period, reaching about 60 percent of requirements for the year 2012,” said R. Gene Clark, chief operating officer of TradeTech, LLC. Source: (Reliability 7)


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