Friday, March 31, 2006

Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

Japan's 1st Full-Fledged Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Begins Trial Run
31 March 2006

TMCNET (JAPAN)-- Japan launched a test run on 31 March 2006 of its first full-fledged spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in a nuclear fuel cycle complex located on the northern tip of Japan's largest main island of Honshu. Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd., the operator, plans to put the reprocessing plant into full operation in August 2007 to reprocess some 800 tons of spent nuclear fuel a year into more than 4 tons of plutonium which will be used as uranium-and-plutonium mixed fuel at the country's nuclear power plants. Japan Nuclear Fuel, a national-policy organization established by the country's nine regional utility firms and 84 power-related firms, said the test run, which it calls active tests, will last for 17 months. The International Atomic Energy Agency will station nuclear inspectors at the Rokkasho reprocessing plant because the plutonium to be extracted is fissile and can be used for nuclear weapons. Besides the reprocessing plant, there is a uranium enrichment plant, a mixed fuel processing plant, a low-level radioactive waste site and a high-level waste storage center in the Rokkasho nuclear cycle complex. Japan Nuclear Fuel is also headquartered there. Source: (Reliability 7)
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