Friday, February 03, 2006

Transport Of Radioactive Materials

Port Of Singapore Risk
02 February 2006

THE MARKETING CORP.NET (UNITED STATES)--The Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) is highly sophisticated and efficient, but the port remains a possible high-profile terrorist target. A significant part of the world's oil and trade flows through the Malacca Straits, whose waters are shared by Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore is a close diplomatic ally of the US and has been supportive of its "war on terror". This, together with the large number of foreigners living in the island state, makes it a target for Islamist terrorist groups operating in the region. As a result, Singapore's government remains concerned that these groups could hi-jack a ship, place conventional or nuclear explosives on it, and then detonate them. Should this occur in one of Singapore's ports the world economy could suffer, as trade routes would no doubt be affected, particularly as Singapore's ports are among the busiest transshipment hubs in the world. However, Singapore has stepped up its surveillance activities with regards to ships entering its coastal waters. Measures include electronic tagging of vessels and co-ordinated naval patrols with Malaysia and Indonesia. Source: (Reliability 7)



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