Friday, February 03, 2006

Nuclear Waste Disposal

Envirocare Buys BNG America, Changes Name
3 February 2006

AP (SALT LAKE CITY)-British Nuclear Fuels PLC has sold its U.S. nuclear clean-up business BNG America to Envirocare of Utah LLC for $90 million, a person close to the deal said. Envirocare marked the purchase by changing its name Friday to EnergySolutions, which takes in another operation it bought in October, Scientech's Decontamination and Decommissioning Division. Salt Lake City-based EnergySolutions now has more than 1,000 workers in 14 states. "With the acquisition of BNG America, EnergySolutions will have the depth and breadth of experience to pursue a broader set of business opportunities across the nuclear fuel cycle, including operations, decontamination, decommissioning and waste minimization and disposition," Steve Creamer, chief executive of EnergySolutions, said in a statement. Source: (Reliability: 9)

Comment: The Guardian newspaper added that Steve Creamer, CEO of EnergySolutions, said he would use the purchase of the U.S. firm as a springboard for an assault on the UK atomic clean-up market. The paper quoted him saying "we already run low level landfill waste sites and will look at a bid in April for the site at Drigg in Cumbria". (source: (Reliability: 9)
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