Sunday, February 05, 2006

Nuclear Fuel Fabrication

Belene Nuke Plant Bidder Stakes on Proven Safety
2 February 2006

SOFIA NEWS AGENCY (CZECH REPUBLIC) - Czech consortium Skoda Alliance, one of the bidders in the tender for the design, construction and commissioning of two units at Bulgaria's second nuclear plant presented publicly its offer. Skoda Alliance offers a project with proven safety of highest level. The Czech consortium has based it offer on the conception of the Czech Temelin nuke plant, which boasts two VVER 1000 reactors. The consortium says that their bid would allow Bulgaria use a proven practice and technology. Source: (Reliability: 9)

Comment: VVER reactors are quickly becoming a very popular reactor design. This is due to the combination of productivity and safety. With safety as such a political concern VVER reactors will make up a sizeable percentage of the next generation of reactors.


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