Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nuclear Exploration, Mining, & Milling

Mining Project Concerns Villagers
6 February 2006

NDTV (INDIA) - The Ministry of Environment and Forests has cleared Uranium Corporation of India (UCIL) mining project at the Nagarjunasagar reservoir in Andhra Pradesh. UCIL will be mining 1250 tons of U3O8, enriched uranium ore or yellow cake, every day. The mine located in Andhra Pradesh sits on an extensive 1300 acres, however 85% is forestland. This mine will compromise the reservoir used daily by the local natives located by the Nagarjunasagar mine as well as India’s largest Tiger sanctuary, Rajiv Gandhi Tiger Reserve, which sits three kilometers from the open cast mining site. Legal experts say the project violates the Supreme Court ruling preventing polluting industrial activity within 10 kilometers of a water body and the villagers, mostly Lambadas, are determined to stop the open cast mining fearful of what may become of their peoples future health.
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Comment: Uranium mines are becoming more of a concern for those who live within a close proximity to the open pits. Many local residents are fearful the radioactive waste from the mines will cause defects in young children and adults over long periods.

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