Friday, February 10, 2006

Enrichment & Processing

Uzbekistan Welcomed Into Emerging Nuclear Alliance
8 February 2006

THE MOSCOW TIMES (MOSCOW) - Russian President Vladimir Putin pitched Russia as a site for one of a handful of international nuclear fuel cycle service centers that would be overseen by the International Atomic Energy Agency, in line with a recent proposal by the nuclear watchdog. Having a center on Russian soil could help solve domestic nuclear fuel supply issues and prove lucrative, earning Russia tens of billions of dollars, analysts said. "Uzbekistan was a major base of uranium ore in the Soviet Union. Bringing it on board is a weighty contribution" to Russia's ability to rebuild its nuclear energy capabilities, said Gennady Pshakin, an expert on the nuclear industry who heads a nonproliferation analytical center in Obninsk, near Moscow. A stronger CIS nuclear energy block would also help Russia lobby internationally to have a nuclear fuel processing center on its territory, Pshakin said. Such a center would enrich uranium to for use as fuel at power stations and recycle the irradiated waste produced by nuclear power stations when they burn uranium or plutonium. "We have all the things necessary to accommodate [a processing] center, but who will be prepared to let us have it?" Pshakin said, adding that Putin's call was only "the start of a dialog." Putin will raise the idea of the processing center at the Group of Eight meeting later this year in St. Petersburg.

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