Friday, January 13, 2006

Transport Of Radioactive Materials

British Radioactive Transport May Have Crossed Into Romania
9 January 2006

BUCHAREST DAILY NEWS (ROMANIA)-- Bulgarian customs officials at the Turkish border stopped a truck loaded with 1,000 kilos of zirconium silicate supplied by a British firm on its way to Tehran, Iran on August 31, 2005. The Bulgarian customs official who stopped the truck became alarmed after its cargo emitted unusual radioactivity levels. Bulgarian authorities arrested the driver, a Turkish citizen, on August 31, 2005. The investigation was "for violating international treaties by transferring across the border dangerous wastes, toxic chemical substances, biological agents, toxics and radioactive materials." After a two-month investigation, the British and Bulgarian authorities agreed that the British cargo did not need an export license and could be released and driven to Iran. There were no weapons of mass destruction end-use concerns by the UK Dept. of Trade and Industry. Source: (Reliability 6.5)

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