Friday, January 13, 2006

Nuclear Fuel Fabrication

Japan's New Energy Strategy
13 January 2006

ASIA TIMES (TOKYO)- Resource-poor Japan is barreling ahead to rev up its energy security, driven by the specter of another oil crisis, the global rush for energy resources and a simmering gas dispute with China. The nation's controversial nuclear-fuel-cycle policy has entered a new phase. The government unveiled a plan to construct a new 1 trillion yen (US$8.7 billion) fast-breeder reactor, and domestic power firms also announced their plutonium utilization plans ahead of the start of a key test operation next month to extract plutonium at a spent-nuclear-fuel reprocessed facility.

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Comment: The booming economies of India and China are intensifying Japan's energy problems. Japan has to compete with both India and China for regional resources. Japan has unique nuclear capabilities since they are the only member of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to be permitted both to enrich uranium and reprocess spent nuclear fuel for peaceful civilian purposes. An increase in nuclear energy will improve their energy situation.


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