Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Nuclear Exploration, Mining & Milling

World’s Largest Producing Uranium Region
20 January 2006

CCN (CANADA)-The Athabasca Basin located in Saskatchewan Canada contains the most significant high grade, low cost uranium deposits in the world. It accounts for 100% of Canadian production of uranium. The Athabasca Basin remains the world's largest producing region (producing approximately 30% of global supply), and hosts reserves of approximately 40 years at current production rates. Several world-class deposits are located in the Athabasca Basin including Rabbit Lake, Cluff Lake, and Key Lake. An imbalance between current new mine supply versus current nuclear power plant consumption trends are among factors contributing to a steady increase in the spot price of uranium from US $10.10/pound in March 2003 to over US $37/pound at present.
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