Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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Mawson Stakes Swedish Uranium Rare Earth Project
9 January 2006

AZOM (SWEDEN)-Mawson Resources Limited, a leading explorer in the mining districts of Sweden, announced the staking of a 100% interest in the 5047.5 hectare Tasjo uranium - rare earth element ("REE") - phosphate ("P2O5") project. Tasjo is located in the Jamtland and Vasterbotten counties, 200 kilometers north of the town of Ostersund in Northern Sweden. Ten nuclear power reactors provide approximately 50% of Sweden's electricity. The Tasjo field is geologically analogous to the Florida Phosphorite Uranium Province, which contains the largest uranium resources in North America. The near-surface exploration target at Tasjo is vast. This project underpins Mawson's developing uranium portfolio and holds the potential to host an excellent uranium deposit, with significant rare earth credits. Mawson Resources Limited applied for 12 exploration permits for a total area of 5047.5 hectares. To date seven permits areas are as follows: Kronotorpet nr 1 (199.99 hectares), Bodkullarna nr 1 (154.05 hectares) and Tasjo nr 1 to 5 (2956.9 hectares). Five permits, Tasjo nr 6 to 10 (1736.1 hectares), remain under application and are expected to be granted soon.

Source: http://www.azom.com/details.asp?newsID=4699 (Reliability: 8.5)


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